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Online ICML & STLE Lubricant Certification Exam Preparation Classes!

During the past few challenging months of COVID-19 the majority of us have been working remotely & online as we cannot meet people in person face to face.
The same is true for training & education – there has been a huge amount of webinars & presentations organised by our industry as normal standard exam prep classes are not possible to organise.

(For a brief insight into some useful webinar examples please read Angus Macdonald’s Lubricant Lockdown Learning article on LinkedIn.

We all understand that To Earn More, Learn More – we are therefore very pleased to announce that since 1 July 2020, we have been offering in partnership with 5th Order Industry, a full range of short online lubrication related training courses as well as the longer more detailed online ICML / STLE exam prep classes.

Online ICML & STLE Lubricant Certification Exam Preparation Classes!

Visit https://aands.international/training/online-training/

Click on which training course or exam prep class you’re interested in – complete the form below and it will be sent to A&S International.

A&S International will then provide you with a course discount voucher which you then apply in the cart on the www.Lubricant.Training website when you complete your online payment process for your chosen course.


If any of your team is interested in gaining new lubricant qualifications if they use the above form we will then contact them directly to allocate their discount code to use on the www.Lubricant.Training website.

Discounts of 10-40% are possible depending on attendee numbers.

Any questions?

If so, we would love to answer them for you – just email hello@aands-international.com

We look forward to working with you to improve & increase your team’s lubricant knowledge & industry qualifications!

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