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Unlike any course you have ever taken!

Need to keep up with your lubrication training?

Understandably confirmed dates for our training courses are not available whilst we are adapting to current global guidelines. We are however able to offer a great range of Online Study and Exam Preparation Courses via the renowned 5th Order Industry world leading learning system.

Exclusive Discounts Available – up to 20%
A&S International provides specialist training in lubrication qualifications delivering an exceptional learning experience for professionals within industry

A&S International Training delivers a range of specialist lubricant preparation classes, including for the STLE CLS and ICML MLE qualifications – delivering an exceptional learning experience for lubrication & maintenance personnel.

Members of our team have continuously invested significant time in gaining their industry qualifications throughout their careers. It has enabled them to utilise the knowledge & confidence gained in order to provide specialist support for our distributor network as well as our clients in many areas of industry.

We strongly believe in the power of knowledge, self-improvement & the importance of industrial organisations investing in the training of their personnel – allowing them to reduce the maintenance & operating costs of their operations due to the implementation of best practices.

As well as offering our own lubrication basics training, we are proud to also be working with a well respected instructor Michael Holloway to deliver exam preparation classes for ICML and STLE qualifications.

Training & Competency Development

Michael D. Holloway, CRL, LLA (I, II), MLT (I, II), MLA (I, II, III), OMA, CLS, MLE has over 35 years’ experience in the lubrication, analysis, and reliability industry. In 2014, Michael established 5th Order Industry that is now a world leader in competency development for certification preparation. He has written eight books, holds an MSc in Polymer Engineering, a BSc in Chemistry, and a BA in Philosophy.

Unlike any course you have ever taken!

Michael established the 5th Order Industry Competency Development Model©, a learning system like no other in the industry.  It is a cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals and instructors of continuous asking and answering questions from the instructors as well as other students that stimulate critical thinking to draw out underlying presumptions in the world of lubrication, oil analysis, and overall reliability. Advances in neuroscience and learning pathways are utilized as participants prepare for the final exam as well as assignments that they will accomplish in and out of the course.






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