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We are pleased to be able to share with our SulNOx distributors & clients a new brochure which outlines SulNOx’s capabilities to help the huge global maritime sector make significant progress towards their ambitious decarbonisation & Net Zero targets: Download.

The shipping industry is key to the global economy, transporting 90% of traded goods & it will rely on hydrocarbon liquid fuels for decades given uncertainties around the viability of alternative low/zero carbon fuels, vessels and infrastructure.

As a result, unacceptable levels of greenhouse gas and particulate matter emissions and ancillary marine pollution will remain a planetary threat.

Urgent and immediate action is vital for progress towards climate goals and measures to increase fuel efficiencies must be brought to the forefront of every fleet.

SulNOx has proven capabilities to help the maritime sector by:

  • Reducing CO2 emissions by 30%
  • Reducing particulate matter emissions by up to 60%
  • Reducing fuel consumption by up to 8-10%
  • Reducing the appearance of diesel bug in large fuel tanks

We are enthusiastic about 2022 and the huge sales potential of SulNOx for all our distributors around the world as companies look to decarbonise & move towards ambitious Net Zero targets.

Important foundation & preparation work has been done by SulNOx & their various distributors during the past 9 months whilst increasing amounts of powerful, impressive evaluation data has been collected as well as brand marketing developed to further raise SulNOx’s profile in multiple markets.

A&S International is proud to have been working with a range of direct clients here in the UK organising evaluations for truck & bus fleets as well as building relationships & sales opportunities with a number of shipping companies around the world.

We have appointed a number of our key distributors to represent SulNOx in their own territories – ranging from new partners in Australia, Germany & the USA to more long-term distribution partners in Chile, Indonesia & Peru. It’s so encouraging to receive the increasing amount of interest in this Greentech company & its range of sustainable, eco fuel conditioners.

2022 SulNOx: Taking you further, faster & cleaner.

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