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TST and A&S International

TST was both a supplier & distributor of Viper WRL for a number of years with their specialist knowledge and expertise leading to a significant uptake in units amongst our Viper distributor team.


Recognising the potential of the brand and building on the strengths of our combined mutual knowledge and understanding of wire rope flaw detection, we are delighted to be working directly with TST as an approved reseller – particularly due to our distributors’ increasing number of Viper WRL customers.


Going forwards we will now be in a position to offer the full TST range of flaw detection testing products to our distributors as well as developing direct sales in the UK market.

Since 2010 TST Flaw Detection Technology Co., LTD (TST) has specialised in designing, manufacturing and marketing flaw detection testers for wire ropes and steel cord conveyor belts.


TST’s mission is to continually develop flaw detection solutions for the safest wire rope operation and the most cost-efficient business outcome for wire rope users.


With years of experience TST realises that their responsibility is not just providing an effective technical solution for safety inspections but also a comprehensive business solution for people and the environment.

TST is committed to provide their customers with not only safety management wire rope solutions, but also knowledge to enhance production efficiency and cost management for sustainable business.


A&S International is proud to offer TST’s portable wire rope tester via their global network of distributors – an ideal solution that fits with the wire rope maintenance & reliability mission of our other brand Viper Wire Rope Lubricator.


TST’s Portable Wire Rope Tester was developed on the basis of magnetic inductive sensing technology and MFL (magnetic flux leakage) wire rope inspection technique for wire ropes up to 130mm in diameter.

The system can be used for the portable inspection of steel wire ropes and steel pipes – helping to identify physical damage or material deteriorations such as broken wire, abrasion, structural deformation, corrosion, fatigue etc.


The tester can be used for the inspection of wire ropes on a wide range of applications: mine hoisters, cranes, elevators, cableways, power grids, suspended bridges, drilling platforms, etc.

TST Flaw Detection Technology
Features & Benefits of TST Portable Wire Rope Tester
  • Extended wire rope service life

  • Reduction in wire rope usage

  • Reduction in maintenance downtime

  • Compliance to Industrial Standards


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