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Fluitec are presenting their second, ground-breaking virtual summit on the Future of Lubrication and Reliability post pandemic

Why you should attend…
The Future of Lubrication and Reliability:

The combination of a global pandemic and oil price crash has created unprecedented challenges for the Lubrication and Reliability world. This is why Fluitec is offering their second ground-breaking programme that includes representation at the highest levels from across the entire lubrication and reliability realm.

Lubrication & Reliability Virtual Summit (LRVS) is the home of lubrication technology development.

Bringing together all the major global stakeholders including OEMs, Oil Manufacturers, Service providers, and recognized industry influencers such as Siemens, ExxonMobil, Solar Turbines, Chevron Air Liquide, Framo, Linde and more to not only provide valuable, actionable content, but to also identify, plan and put into action the future needs of the lubricant and hydraulic market to guarantee its success and develop the next generation lubrication technology.

Be active and interactive!! Registered attendees that engage in featured events / forums will accumulate points towards winning valuable prizes!!!!

LRVS is committed to their international community by supporting charitable causes from this event.

We look forward to seeing our Fluitec distributors & clients from around the world at the second annual LRVS.

Featuring speakers from ExxonMobil, Siemens, Chevron, Solar Turbines, Framo and more…


The list of Presentations and Sessions is growing, view the latest updated topics and forums here…

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