Efficient & Safe Lubrication of new Slipway Winch Wire Ropes

Efficient & Safe Lubrication of new Slipway Winch Wire Ropes


Customer Profile: Cory Riverside Energy

In August 2020 Cory announced the completion of works to rebuild and upgrade two WWII-era slipways at Denton Wharf on the banks of the River Thames in Gravesend, Kent, UK. The significant investment in the slipways was the first stage of the redevelopment of the site, since Cory acquired it in 2018. Each of the two slipways is capable of receiving ships up to a weight of 400 tonnes, a length of 60 metres and up to a width of 18 metres depending on the type of vessel.


Slipway and downhaul winches

North Sea Winches designed, manufactured, and installed three new winches to replace
the ones previously in place. These included a 20- tonne main slipway winch and a pair of five tonne downhaul winches with accompanying pulley and guide wire ropes. (23mm & 34mm wire ropes) There is a also a larger 76mm wire rope that Cory is hoping to lubricate in future with a Viper Maxi Wire Rope Lubricator (the Maxi lubricates wire ropes with diameters of 50mm to 165mm)


The client wanted to be able to efficiently, easily & safely clean & lubricate the new 23mm & 35mm wire ropes that were installed on their new winches. Their aim is to safely extend the life of these critical ropes by reducing wear as well as rust & corrosion in order reduce their maintenance & operating costs.


A&S International recommended the use of a Viper Mid Wire Rope Lubricator along with a Viper Rope Cleaner and the Viper Coating Grease (NLGI 1).




Suitable for wire ropes between 6mm to 67mm


Extends lube intervals and reduces lube consumption




The maintenance team at Cory were able to quickly install & use the Viper Mid unit to efficiently clean & lubricate the new wire ropes of all three winches – applying a protective coating of grease. They were extremely satisfied with the performance of the Viper as well as the technical & customer support provided by the A&S International team.

“A&S International supplied wire rope cleaning and greasing equipment for slipway winches at CORY Shiprepair Services. Great technical and customer support provided by A&S International. Highly recommended.”

Maxim Yanvarev,
Marine Technical Manager

“North Sea Winches are pleased to have worked alongside Cory Riverside to supply and install their new slipway winch system. It has been a pleasure to work with Cory and their team both on site and within the group, we wish them well with all the expansion plans and hope we can work together again soon.”

Rob Gretton,
Managing Director at North Sea Winches

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