SulNOxEco™ achieves over 5% in fuel savings on seagoing vessel

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In cooperation with a Hamburg-based shipping company and a renowned Northern German university for maritime shipping, the fuel additive SulNOxEco™ has reduced marine diesel consumption by more than 5%.

As part of an evaluation project, SulNOxEco™ Diesel Conditioner was used to treat the vessel‘s fuel to calculate reliable fuel savings results for seagoing vessels.


SulNOxEco™ was applied under real conditions during commercial voyages in the North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea in a mixing ratio of 1:2000 in MDO fuel (DIN ISO 8217) on a main two stroke marine engine of the type „MAN B&W 6S35MC“.

For comparability, baseline measurements were taken at 60 % and 70 % engine load and repeated after a three-month application period with SulNOxEco™.
For this, the fuel consumption per hour in metric tons and the engine load in kW/h were measured by a performance monitoring system.

Conclusion and further steps

During the pilot project a consistent 5-6 % reduction in specific fuel consumption was confirmed. A follow-up application of SulNOxEco™ with VLSFO fuel on another seagoing vessel in the same fleet is currently being planned. The experts from the shipping company and the university expect a greater fuel-saving effect.

The goal of Swiss Fuel Services is to provide sustainable support to the shipping industry by implementing innovative new sustainable solutions such as SulNOxEco™ that then help the sector comply with new environmental regulations.

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