A&S International joins British Safety Industry Federation

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A&S International becomes a member of the British Safety Industry Federation

We are proud to now be a new member of the British Safety Industry Federation!

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The British Safety Industry Federation is the key independent voice representing the interests of the UK safety industry to a wide audience, including Government, its enforcement agencies, standards making authorities and safety equipment users.

Their membership ranges from safety equipment manufacturers, distributors and test houses to certification bodies, safety consultancy companies and service providers.

A&S International has become a member of BSiF due to the important safety elements of a number of brands that we represent – namely Oil Spill Eater II and Viper Wire Rope Lubricator.

For example, Viper WRL enables maintenance teams to easily, effectively but more importantly SAFELY lubricate critical wire ropes – instead of the more dangerous manual method.

We are looking forward to completing the BSiF audit of our facilities & processes next week.

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